Solar Hydrogen/Oxygen Generator DIY - Simple "Electrolysis" using sunlight! (turns water into fuel)

A Simple "Electrolysis" Experiment shows how to "Split Water" into Oxygen/Hydrogen with a Solar Panel (or battery) and water. very easy to do. The graphite in the pencils conduct electricity (from solar panel or battery) and send a small amount of it into the water. The result being that the water is "split" into oxygen/hydrogen (a process known as electrolysis). This video mainly focuses on using a solar panel but also shows a 9v battery as a power source as well as a "multiple voltage" comparison (near the end of the video) using a Regulated DC Power Supply (set at multiple intervals - 3v, 4.5v, 6v, 7.5v, 9v, and 12v). watch how the volume of bubbles increases with voltage. note that this is a common grade school science experiment and is totally safe. one can imagine if this small-scale experiment was "up-scaled" and perfected it could be a good way to store solar/wind power for later use. a very "green" technology overall if the electrical source is solar or wind (and when the hydrogen is used (as fuel etc.) the only by-product is water)
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