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I purchased a solar oven called the "Sun Oven" a couple years ago. I have enjoyed many delicious meals ever since. The solar oven works by trapping the heat from the sun inside the oven and will cook the food you place in it similar to how a crock pot slow cooks your food. Meats that I've cooked in the solar oven have come out unbelievably tender and full of their natural juices. Food from my solar over bursts with unbelievable flavoring that surpasses my expectations time and time again.

There are three cons that I've found with the solar oven. The first is obvious... if you have no sun, then you're not using this oven, no sun equals no heat ( if you plan on going "off grid" you will need an alternative cooking method in addition to a solar oven). Just the same if you have a day that is slightly overcast or there happen to be large clouds that are passing and covering the sun for a while your food can take a bit longer to cook and/or may not fully cook. The second con is I have a hard time knowing the optimal tilt position for achieving maximum heat accumulation in the oven, ( I believe newer models fixed this issue with the addition of a type of light refractor that will show you when your position is perfect for optimal heat absorption). The third is storage when not in use. My solar oven can be a space hog so storing it when not in use can be a challenge if you don't have a lot of space. I did say in the video that the weight was about 5-8lbs, but I could be off a bit I didn't weight it, all I know is that I'm able to lift it without any issue.

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