Solar Oven Tracker - Time Lapse -

Solar Oven Trackers available and further information at:
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How to Demo:
The Solar Oven Tracker follows the Sun around the horizon in a semi-circle and keeps the temperature at the constant heat, as the Sun is continuously shining directly into the oven at the correct angle. Once you set it up, you do not have to physically move the Solar Oven. The other video on the Tracker shows a bit more about how to set up the solar panel and the placement. This one shows it in use. This video was taken at the end of August 2012.

NOTE: Actually I turned on the camera approximately every 10 or 15 minutes for a few seconds to make it appear like time lapse photography. Sorry it was a little jerky in places!

NOTE: In the video -- I meant to say: as the Sun goes across the Horizon! (not the Sun goes around the Earth!)
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