Solar Panel Roof Tiles - Will Solar Panel Roof Tiles Ever Take Off?

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How do you make a dent in the energy market? SolarCity is likely one of the few companies that has a good idea of how to answer that question with it's Solar Panel Roof TIles. One part of its plan includes replacing the roofs of 5 million U.S. homes with solar cells.

SolarCity’s plan, announced last month, is not just to add solar capability to an existing roof, but to develop roofs made entirely from solar panels as part of a goal to make sustainable homes more aesthetically appealing, convenient, and ultimately affordable to the average homeowner. It’s betting that people who need to replace their roofs will be attracted to the company’s solar cell option because it won’t require additional work or dramatically alter the look of the home.

Elon Musk, the company's chairman, said the solar roofing looks better and lasts longer than traditional roofing. Musk said installing or replacing the solar shingles shouldn't be much different than a normal roof.

Other companies have tried to deliver similar products without much success. It was recently reported that the Dow Chemical Company had to stop selling its inventory of solar shingles because consumers were not interested in them. Apparently they were more expensive and were actually less efficient than conventional solar panels.

With that being said, the costs and price tags don’t seem to phase SolarCity or Musk.

Businesses where Musk has a controlling interest have a proven track record of turning green tech efforts into viable consumer products where other companies have failed. But a 5 million household initial goal for SolarCity’s roofing plan means creating something that’s more accessible than the Tesla Model S, which still has only sold in the hundred thousand range since its introduction in 2012

“What [the company is] talking about is a paradigm shift, not just a small leap,” says Scott Franklin, owner of Lumos Solar, which specialises in solar panel architecture and design. “SolarCity is known for being a low-cost, fast installer. Now they’re talking about developing an entirely new product and becoming roofers? In terms of cost, they’re going from selling solar leases to telling somebody they have to replace an entire roof. That’s a dramatic cost difference.”

SolarCity is moving towards a merger with Tesla, which will allow it to much more easily offer customers a package that potentially includes home energy storage and a way to also power your car, all completely off-grid. The combined incentive, especially with a more affordable vehicle option thrown in via the Model 3, might prove a powerful motivator.

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We'll see if the Solar Panel Roof Tiles are indeed a hit!
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