Solar Perpetual Bedini Motors 2

Employing the latest 'Energy Harvesting' technologies, pulse conditioning circuitry and 'burst' mode operation, these Bedini Motors provide the ultimate efficiency and performance using extremely low voltage sources.

A small array of solar cells powers the motors from available ambient light. The motors charge a super-capacitor to provide power during darkness; running the motor for days in the absence of light.

These motors average 2,000 RPM, accelerating to 10,000 RPM in 'Turbo Mode'. Modifications to the rotors, to minimize air resistance, have permitted speeds in excess of 80,000 RPM, powered by 1 volt at 1 mA. (This motor rotor is a small diamagnetic neodymium cylinder 3 x 10mm. It spins along its longitudinal axis at speeds up to 32,000 RPM and has a precessional rotation of 4,000 RPM. This rotor is not silent - producing a sound not dissimilar to a fly. The You Tube video conversion has introduced a 'freeze-frame' synchronization effect - the rotor does rotate smoothly.)

The motors operate nominally at 1 volt at 400µA. At lower voltages, the motors switch to 'burst' mode and will continue to run at 0.6 volts whilst consuming less than 100µA.

These motors will run continuously for years under the right lighting conditions.

Perpetual motion ? Almost !

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