Solar Power - The Synergy between Solar Panels & Infrared Heating - with Woody G


Solar Power - The Synergy between Solar Panels & Infra Red Heating - with Woody G

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The Synergy between Solar Panels & Infra Red Heating

I am sure there are many people out there that have not heard about Infrared heating.

Infrared heating is a very clever technology that works in the same way that sunshine makes us warm.
Unlike conventional types of heating that heats the air around us, infrared heating warms our bodies directly, just like sunshine, giving you complete comfort with an energy saving of up to 60%

In turn this will decrease you costs for your other heating sources, whether gas or electricity.

I know you’re asking what they look like?
Well, they are actually a lot more discreet than any other form of radiator or heater, because they simply fix to the wall like you would fit a picture frame.
They can also be fixed to ceilings too.

The aesthetics of the heaters are great, they can be left a simply white, or you can have an image printed on the front, these can be from the stock images, or you can use your own images of a good resolution, say a family portrait.
Making them look just like a canvas print.

There are some additional benefits to Infrared heating too, not only do they provide exceptional comfort and a healthier environment, they are actually better for your home too.

Infrared heating can dry out damp walls, stop condensation and Decrease humidity.
Infrared heaters will not encourage Bacteria and dust circulation like other types of heaters.
Infrared heaters produce equal heat distribution with 99% heat transfer.
They also have a 100,000 hour life span, that’s more than 30 years)

Now, they can also have a positive effect on you too, as this type of heat promotes increased blood circulation.

Solar 4 You have fully working infrared heaters in both of their showrooms in London and North Kent, so why not come and experience just how effective they are for yourselves.

Solar Heat from Solar Panels

If you are thinking about your options for Solar Power or Solar Heating, I would highly recommend you talk to the staff at Solar 4 You before making any concrete decisions.
If you want the right information, talk to the people that know Solar.

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Solar Power - The Synergy between Solar Panels & Infra Red Heating - with Woody G
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