Solar Powered 120v AC LED Night Lamp

This project uses a Jewel Thief circuit using MJE13007 transistor, inductor, resistors and 120v 3A transformer with 6.3v 0v 6.3v in reverse (see vids by xee2) to drive a 120v AC LED light. Sunlight hits a 6v 500 ma solar panel which is stepped down to 1.5V with a DC to DC buck converted. The output of the buck charges a 1.2V NICAD through a LN4001 diode (to prevent discharge of the cell through the buck during dark). The output of the buck activates a second transistor which pulls down the base voltage on the Jewel thief transistor keeping it turned off during daylight and allowing charging of the Nicad. The Nicad drives the Jewel thief when it is dark.
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