Solar Powered Air Conditioner-Solar Thermal Hybrid Air-Conditioning

Saving you 50% and providing the most efficient energy savings for you. Solar Thermal Hybrid Air-Conditioning based in Brisbane Australia with best buys and sales here and international.
Solar Thermal Hybrid Air-Conditioning systems can save you up to 50% of your running cost.
The secret is in the solar thermal system's ability to operate without the significant spikes in energy consumption that are experienced by standard air conditioning systems.
Signficant reductions in running costs associated with having an air conditioning system, meaning cheaper power bills.
Solar thermal systems are generally quieter to run, providing you with extra peace and quiet.
Interest free finance available on new system purchases - see pricing below.
Solar air conditioning rebates are currently available and can help reduce your out-of-pocket expense.

Our quality solar thermal air conditioning systems start from as little as:
$85 per fortnight for a 3.5KW Split System*
$94 per fortnight for a 7.2KW Split System*
NO INTEREST EVER - offers interest free finance
*Prices are based on back to back installations and an initial deposit of $300 for 3.5KW and $450 for 7.2KW. Payment terms are 18 months for 3.5KW and 24 months for 7.2KW
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