Solar Powered Bedini SSG Radiant Energy Generator

A solar powered Bedini Simplified School Girl Motor made out of all scrap materials.
For circuit details see: http://www.thediyworld.com/ssg-battery-restorer.html

This is made using the simplified school girl motor circuit from John Bedini. I used three solenoids I took out of a junk laser printer for the coils. And I used a dead hard drive for the bearings and motor spindle. I glued magnets to the hard drive plates and taped them into place for safety. Then I used old electronics from gutted stereo equipment to run the thing.

My solar charged battery bank powers the system.

Free energy from the sun powers it. Free parts from junk makes it up. Radiant energy restores old junk batteries.

That's what I call "free energy"

Note: I am NOT claiming any over unity or "free" energy or perpetual motion here. Solar power runs the device. What I do have is FREE parts running off of FREE solar energy and restoring old junk lead acid batteries that I got for free.

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