Solar savvy Predictions for 2015.

Germany will soon be 100% solar powered.
Japan will be totally solar powered by 2030.
China will be !00% solar by 2028.

San Francisco burned down, not because of the 1906 earthquake, but because the block of buildings at Market and First, that were toppled in the quake were all using the newest technology:

The main gas pipeline broke.
The gas became a blow torch, incinerating all the buildings on that block
and the next block.
As each building caught on fire, more gas pipelines broke.

It was like a seriers of flaming dominos falling.

The gas fed fire was so hot it melted most of the metal.

The gas spread the fire rapidly.

The cloud of burning gas became larger and larger, consuming more and more homes and offices.
Horses, humans, babies, children, chickens, cows, cats and dogs all were incinerated in the gas oven that toasted San Francisco for days.

Just like the 38 houes that were blow-torched by the exploding gas pipe line in San Bruno, that killed and incinerated so many innocent people.

Global warming. Burning gas releases too much heat into the air. This causes global warming.

The best way to get rid of deadly gas fires, is to install solar panels on every home.
That way, when the next quake happens,
this coming October, then the snapping, flaming gas pipe lines won't
burn down San Francisco again and again and again.

If each home has solar, then even if the grid goes down, you still have energy.
All we need to make this work is for the Supervisors to pass a
Solar payment Policy ( SPP ) that requires PG&E to pay everyone
$0.54 kwh for feeding solar onto the PG&E grid.

The true cost of energy is about $0.54 kwh, when you calculate the real costs of air pollution. We are drowning in our own waste.

The true costs of the $$$ billions in subsidies tax payers pay the oil companies,
PG&E for atomic energy, the dirty coal corporations,
oil wars, & gas companies, makes the real cost of energy almost $0.54 kwh.

We have to be realistic if we want to stop the climate crisis.

Burning fossil fuels causes the FrankenStorms
that are happening twice as offen as they use to.
Why wait until the Super Storms are happening every month?

We need to build a million new solar powered homes every year.
This will create 9 million new solar jobs in California in 2 years.

Home owners would make $30,000. a year from selling solar.
Farmers in nations, that already have a Solar Payment Policy,
are making $60,000. a year selling solar onto the grid.

This is good money. This is clean money.

Solar is the new gold rush.
Solar is the new safe, clean, decentralized OIL boom.

See the free Youtube movie: "Here comes the Sun - Scheer".

This will take power from the few and give power & money to the majority.
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