solar stirling engine water pump

This is a solar heat powered water pump, made by some simple parts. Funny and simple to build. It run here at about +73C degrease at the top of the black painted saucepan (and ~+55C at the "heater", 4cm down on the side wall) and the pumping coolant water is about +18C degrease. The displacer follow by nature close to the ideal carnot profile and the cold side (below displacer body) is filled with isothermalized finns made by aluminium plates from cola cans. The pump power is her produce 1liter water on 30seconds at 0,5meter pump hight. This unit contain only 1 "one way" valve. This displacer body is made of styrofoam. Se also animation at "simple solar stirling water pump working principle" olle_welin@hotmail.com
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