Solar Thermal Energy and Heat Pump Modular System HL 320

The HL 320 modular system allows experiments on the generation, storage and use of heat from renewable energies. A variety of heat sources, storage types and consumers can be used. The system uses typical real-world components from the field of modern heating technology.
The HL 320.05 Central Storage Module forms the core of the HL 320 modular system. HL 320.05 contains two different heat storage methods, piping, a pump, a driven 3-way valve and safety devices. Quick-release couplings on the front of the module enables the hydraulic connection to other modules of the HL 320 modular system.
HL 320.05 also includes the freely programmable universal controller UVR1611. This controller allows you to operate and study all intended HL 320 module combinations.
Thoroughly documented configuration files for introductory and advanced experiments are available for all recommended HL 320 module combinations. Newly created configurations or changes can be stored in the controller's memory. Easy-to-understand PC programs can be used to edit configurations and to acquire and display measured values.
Carefully structured instructional materials have been created for the intended module combinations using the HL 320.05 module. As part of the documentation for the overall HL 320 system, these materials set out the basic principles and provide a step-by-step guide through the experiments.
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