Solar Thermosiphon Water Heater for Heat Pumps.

This new thermosiphonic tank is designed with an exchanger of big surface and power. The VHP-TT’s exchanger is manufactured of DKP tube (2mmthickness) with a big diameter, a very important factor for the proper function of the heat pump.

The above characteristics give to VHP-TT significant advantages in comparison to simple tanks with additional removable exchangers, that are installedin every tank they can fit and are not designed from the beginning of the construction.

One of these advantages is that the tank is constructed in such a way that it can cooperate in harmony with the exchanger, since they form one solid structure.

Moreover, the exchanger and the tank, having homogeneous surface, minimize the phenomenon of electrolysis, which is easier to have in case of additional removable exchangers, which are of different material (copper or stainless steel) and result in consuming the magnesium anode very quickly and thus reducing the tank’s life.

The design of this tank with the exchanger from the beginning allows the flange to be free so that there can be done works easily inside the tank (maintanance, magnesium anode replacement etc.).
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