Solar tracker simple design no electronics

Simply by wiring two small solar cells to a sensitive motor (plus some gearing), it is possible to build a simple tracker. The trick is to wire one cell to the motor so that it turns one way, and the other solar cell to it so that it turns the other, so when equal amounts of sunshine fall on the two cells, they cancel out and the motor stops. As soon as the sun moves to one side, more light falls on one of the panels, and less on the other, causing the motor to rotate, this can be connected via gears to a spindle supporting the solar panels, so that they move towards the sun, and stop as soon as they both receive equal light once again. A much bigger panel can be mounted on the spindle so that it is also moved around as the sun moves. No electronics needed. UPDATE plenty of cheap 'solar motors' and 'solar motor and panels' on ebay for those of you looking for a sensitive enough motor. Buy two sets and connect the panels from each set in inverse parallel (back to back - to + and + to -) and connect a motor from one of the sets across the the panels. Also check out 'solar motor gear box' and buy two small 1.5 to 3 volt solar panels to go with it.
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