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solar tracker system Lahore Pakistan

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DIY Fully automated, Intelligent controlled, dual axis Solar Trackers.

Work with sensors as well as with solar map.

Night and Cloud detection.

Equipped with Anemometer that detects stormy winds and position the Solar Plates facing horizontally upward to avoid wind thrust which may cause any damage to the system.

Reprogram able via blue tooth.


Installation of this 1000 watts sun-tracking system is the improved / modified version of my earlier youtube video of prototype named " sunflower1035 "

URL :-

Excluding the tracker's frame manufacturing, welding fatigue,
Electronic components of Each SolarTracker include :-

1. Arduino Mega (2560) r-3.
2. Two bi-polar Stepper motors (Vexta PH265M-31. 0.9 step)
3. Blue tooth module HC-05
4. RTC (ds-3231)
5. PC power supply (To handle +12 volts for running stepper
motors and +5 volt for arduino mega)
6. The combination of CPU (computer) exhaust dc fan and Hallsensor module work as anemometer. The main purpose of anemometer is to function the vertical stepper during windstorm to flatten the solar plates.
7. 4 LDRs (sun light sensors or detectors)
8. 4 limit switches ( to limit the vertical and horizontal movements
of the sun tracker ).
9. Two L-298 stepper driver modules.
10. Hall sensor module. (mounted over pc fan to measure the fan
10. 3 KVA inverter / solar charge controller (24 volts).

This project is a Home-made, Self prepared and work in efficient way.

During daytime both trackers will keep facing towards the sun. After sunset each tracker is triggered by its RTC to reposition , facing eastward for the next day morning. During night time the PV array align itself parallel to the ground (facing upward), to eliminate un-necessary wind thrust in case of stormy winds during night.

During a part of daytime If sun is covered with clouds or the cloudy or rainy season remains for more than a day or a week , the solar trackers would not sit idle to wait for the sun appearance. Here if sun detection is stopped due to bad weather (only during the daytime), the solar map will take over the tracking to re-position the solar plates after each hour towards the appropriate direction to collect the peak solar light at that moment. So sun appearance is not necessary to work the system.

During night time the anemometer would not work because the PV array is already facing upward.

These two solar tracker stands carry four Photo-voltaic panels of 265 watts each. Both tracker stands carry 1060 watts solar PVs ( generally speaking one stand with 500 watts and total 1000 watt solar energy).

Made by:-
Ghulam Asghar Khan
Nishat colony

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