Solar tracking system , new concept in UK (in the back yard )

I have 3 solar panels there 240w each , tracking the sun by 2 axes ( N-S and E-W ), each panels has his own micro inverter for maximum of efficiency , the actuators i choose to power them not from a battery but from a 12v 8A regulated power supply , and those 2 small boxes on the frame are the enclosures for sensors . Hope it is helpful for those who want to try this in order to reduce their electric bill; is not a big system , only 720w rated ( but i've seen even 780w ) but is designated to supply power just how much i need to use for most of regular appliances in the house , i mean tv , 2-3 computers , fridges , cause these things are working all day , every day , if you can supliment this consumption and not pay for it then your gold has been achieved .I started this from 0 ,most of it is done by myself , that's why i want to warn those braves who wanna do this : i made a few mistakes and because of that i think i've gain some experience which i'm more then happy to share it to everybody who's interested , for free .There are a few thing which you must know if you wanna start this so every questions and advices you need , i'll be happy to assist .

Update : i have replaced that noisy actuator with a silent one , now you cannot hear anything when its moving .
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