Solar Water Heating Solution DIY

With the winter around the corner this DIY water heating solution should be a boon to so many around the globe. We have tried to make this Video highly illustrative. The beauty lies in the simplicity of any innovation. The simplicity of an innovation helps to propel to get wider audience and user at the same time. Do it yourself (DIY) only happens by the virtue of its simplicity. We are sure our innovation has all the merits of low cost water heating solution at very low cost.
Our Video starts with the very basics of the innovation in solar water heating developed and promoted by us in YouTube. The unique conical base and the concentric pipe winding is the specialty of this solar water heating system. The container with two protruding joints at upper part and lower parts to be connected with lower end and upper end the tubes and solar radiation is the driving force to move the water in the container. The insulation are done with low cost styrofoam (EPS) boards used for carrying refrigerated products.

The later part contains the same innovative technology but in a larger perspective for domestic use. I am sure many of U will love to embrace it to remain off the grid for WATER HEATING SOLUTION at low cost.
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