Solid State Bedini - 1400hz, 300 volts output.

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This is a solid state charger using 12 volts input. The good thing about this charger is there are no moving parts to wear out or make noise. It is very small, and much more powerful than an SSG (simple school girl) motorized charger. It runs at 800-1500hz on most batteries. This charger can be used on 1.5 volt batteries, all the way up to 200 volt batteries, since it puts out about 300-400 volts. It doesn't put out any current, so it will not overcharge or damage small batteries. This can also be used on Hydrogen, or a Joe Cell, to make Meyer style hydrogen, since this charger automatically tunes to the water bath to find the exact resonant frequency. This circuit finds the resonant frequency of any given charging medium, whether it be water, a battery, or a capacitor.
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