Sparky, a DIY electric boat

My other electric wood boat hulls weigh 60 and 65 pounds, and I tweak my back out every time I move them around. Sparky is my first ELECTRIC fluted plastic boat which weighs only 24 pounds without the 15 pound trolling motor or the 45 pound deep cycle battery. For the hull I used 6mm thick coroplast and 4mm for the deck. Coroplast normally comes in 4x8 sheets, so to achieve more buoyancy to carry the battery weight I extended the boat 9" by creating 2" long 'flaps' on the rear sheet end instead of folding the end like a box. The end flaps are sandwiched between the wood transom and aluminum channels using nuts, bolts and marine silicone. It does leak some, maybe 3 cups in a 2 hour ride, but the transom sits lower than the bow so you don't get wet. I'll fix the leak soon. Probably not enough caulking. The boat was fairly simple to make using mostly hand tools. It can be used for fishing or just putting around a lake. Build plans will be available soon. Keep checking my website under the 'Plans' tab for availability.
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