SPRING MACHINE - ITAYA RX-20A - Double torsion

The video show a double torsion spring with hooks.
General specifications:
- wire range size between 0,5 and 2,0 mm.
- the RX-A has 2 sets of three dimensionally controlled servo slides with rotary tool changers.
- combination of up to 12 forming tools and spinners can be mounted on the changers.
- independent axes control the rotary wire guide, rotary wire feed, cut slide and the auxiliary slide.
- a total of 15 axes.
- controls the position for all tools and spinners by three dimensionally controllable servo slides.
- the required tools for spring forming are easily selected using the rotary tool changers which is controlled by the program.
- rotary wire feed and rotary wire guide mechanism facilitates complex forming without changing the position of the slide.
- the coiling tool adapts to different wire diameter by changing the tip of coiling tool.
- the high rigidity spinner tool, spinner tool holder and arbor are available in a wide variety of sizes.
- in addition to the popular Program Generator, the RX-A also uses the Spring Generator that makes programming time substantially shorter.- optionals :2 servo spinners and / or 2 servo linear slides.
- the computer control enables this machine to be one of the fastest, most flexible and precise spring making machines on the market.
- the computer uses the Linux system which allows flexible programming with CNC control and display of all production data and statistics.

RX -20А - пружинонавивочный станок с ЧПУ (пружиноформовочный центр, мультислайдовый)
Диапазон Ø проволоки 0,50мм-2,00мм
(на видео: пружины двойного кручения с зацепами)
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