SRF -Recycled Green Fuel alternative to Coal

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SRF -Recycled Green Fuel alternative to Coal
Recycled Green Fuel alternative to Coal.

Recycled Green Fuel alternative to Coal.

Just a few Benefit's for those companies using SRF.(Solid Recycled Fuel )

•Can be shipped at a cheaper price than coal.
•Higher calorific burning value than coal.
•More greener / environmentally friendly than coal.
•Helps your companies carbon foot print.
•Especially suitable for Cement plants and brick making kilns and many other .

Each container holds around 23- 24 tons and all products are plastic shrink wrapped over 6- times and secured, ready for export. The quality of this product is the best in the UK, as our manufacturers have been supplying Cemex Cement group for over 6- years.

We can also arrange all the shipping and logistics for you. If you need a sample container of the product, please let us know?

Shipping from 3000MT to 7000MT loads.

can supply up to 100,000MT per month from Europe and UK origins.


Also buyer needs to obtain written permission to import from Pakistan GOV Dept of Environment or similar.(Import Permit )


Cost to us is $25 MT CIF ASWP

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SKYPE: jamal.jehan


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