Stage III: Opposing Field Pulse drive

Experts continue to enforce the belief that Physics are forever set as standards across the universe, however, one blairing oversight comes to mind as I ponder this notion.

Over the past decade, many different inventors have witnessed new unexplained physical dynamics that transcend the laws of known physics within our 3D reality.
On par with the 100th Monkey rule, more scientists are finally acknowledging the existence of new dimensions of universal physics: I have heard two titles used , Transdimensional or Interdimensional Physics.

The words, "Transdimensional Physics" cannot explain whats really going on here, I think its another Gov. controlled cover-up.

What is it? ...its the inherent ability of humans to transcend limitations in the physical plane thru their divine powers of creation where there are no rules, there are no limitations. What ever the human mind can conceive, the creative power of the human mind will create.

Concepts and ideas our government controlled scientists find impossible here on Earth, quickly become possible when we apply new ideas not bound to the rigid constructs of accepted 3D physics.

This is the basis for the development of my motors. My theory that, within the twin opposing hemispherical magnetic fields created by polarized counter rotating magnetic vortices, all matter within that Expansive field will no longer be influenced by gravity or kinetics.

There are no failures, just more data with each test. I will not be held up by temporary setbacks so this is my third motor as I continue to develop more encouraging results that hopefully prove the theory true.
Its clear that not all theoories are proven "true" however, without first having a theory, we would have nothing to prove or disprove.

Thanks for watching.
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