Stainless steel fuel vaporizer system on 93 GMC

This is a stainless steel vaporizer that I put under the hood of my 1993 GMC S15 Jimmy 4.3l Vortec V6.
It is made from a stainless steel water jug that I drilled 1/4in. holes into and put brass ribbed nipples on .They are held by JB Weld and I use the same tubing on the inside as the outside.
The air goes to the vaporizer intake and bubble up to become vapors inside,that then travel out of the bubbling chamber up into the intake manifold by vacuum from the motor.Thus boosting the fuel/air vapor pulled into the manifold and mixed with the liquid fuel coming into the central port injector,then onto the six lower injectors.
The motor has almost 200,000 miles on it and still goes strong.
I put this gasoline fuel vaporizer on the vehicle to get some better qas mileage from her in these dire economic times.
The device seems to be working and I will have to do further testing to find out what my miles per gallon are.But the way I see it anything will help these days.
The HHO cell will be going on her also this year and that will get me some more mpg on the old War Wagon.
Thanks for watching and take care.
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