Stan Meyer 8XA Circuit Lots of HHO Gas 1.5AMP Tap Water NO Electrolyte

Same 8xa circuit as before (board from our website), with a new fuel cell. The current is set at 1.5 amp. No electrolyte - tap water only. No NAoH, KOH or other corrosive or dangerous chemicals required. Don't try to complicate it - just do what Stan said to do - use normal tap or well water. It is really quite simple. This is our video response to those who say Stan's 8xa unit does not produce HHO gas. This circuit is already helping many people to REDUCE the amount of gasoline their cars use, but not completely replace it (yet), so it is too late to tell us it doesn't work! The 8xa was built as a demo unit for the patent office, but will work with many types of cells (cells immersed in water - NOT dry cells), whether they are tubes, plates, or any other design. Tubes are more efficient, this is why Stan chose them, but he originally used this design on his adjustable plate cell.

For info on the same circuit used in the video, check out our website:
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