Stan Meyer 8XA Electrical Polarization Process No Electrolyte

This unit is a replication of Stan's "Electrical Polarization Process" control box, designed to run with his flat stainless plate cell, but we are using it to drive a 3-cell tubular SS 304 fuel cell. Stan designed it to simulate the waveform produced by his earlier alternator setup. All tubes are wired in series. The current to the cell is approx. 1 Amp, the voltage at the cell is approx. 89VDC, and gas production is enormous.

The same signal generator circuit used in the video will soon be available on our website: http://www.stansdream.com/products.htm
All you will need in order to build your own control box is a few components. The most complex part of this design is the signal generator board, which will be available as a kit. We have some people already using this to supply HHO for their cars to get better mileage (MPG).

Stan was correct - this cell produces VERY LITTLE heat, and tons of gas. There is no resonance with this set-up.
The water used was approx. 90% distilled water, 10% well water.
With this set-up, you have NO GUNK in your cell, like the old 'brute force' method using baking soda. You only add water!

MUCH More to come...
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