Stanley Meyer Water Spark Plug Injector

This video describes the ah ha moment I had regarding Stan's water injector and how it works.
You have a water fuel cell which is the injector, in this injector you have water cavities which are so small they are quenching gaps this prevents the gases while being exposed to a high voltage field from being ignited inside the water injector. after the high voltage is applied to the water injector nearly all the water within that injector is instantaneously fractured into hydrogen and oxygen gasses. Pressure is created from this fracturing which forces the hydrogen and oxygen gasses out of the water injector nozzle. After the gases are ejected out the nozzle and into the engine cylinder they are then ignited from the spark created at the tip of the water spark plug injector.

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I could not find the video I was talking about but here is another example.
Here is a link to the video of the steam being burned by a high voltage ark:

Here is a like to a video from Russ with on the water spark plug injector:
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