Stanley Meyer


Stanley Meyer and his brother Stephen Meyer (twins) worked on several amazing water technologies throughout the 80's and 90's. Stanley Allen Meyer biography. Stanley is most known for his dune buggy that ran on fuel made from water.
The dune buggy could not have just functioned on just the unique water fuel cell. It had several combined functions to make the entire system work.

The water fuel cell
The water fuel cell does not operate under regular conditions as regular brute force electrolysis does. Regular brute force electrolysis is the shorting out of 2 or more electrodes in water where it uses a pulsed DC or straight DC power supply (battery or pwm square wave generator). The result of the brute force is the water heating up which is a direct loss in energy. Pumps may also be required to keep the water fuel cell from heating up. In order for more production to be obtained a catalyst (electrolyte) must be put in the water to draw more current. These catalysts are usually very toxic caustic chemicals which are not safe for the environment or humans as it can cause severe heat and chemical burns.

The way Stans cell operated was by powering a step up transformer called the VIC, then connected to an inductor, then the secondary of the inductor connected to the anode and cathode tube referred to by Stan as the Resonant Cavity (Capacitor). The inductor must be properly tuned to the resistance inside of the resonant cavity (Water fuel cell tubes). This is where the magic happens.

The common mistake about Stanley Meyer is that people assume that his water fuel cell is tuning to a special water frequency to break the H and O molecule bonds but that is not the case. When the frequency is turned up the over all voltage hitting the Resonant Cavity (Capacitor) continues to go up with out consuming more energy. It is the static charge that is actually breaking the bonds.

Stans method is by far the most unique way to separate the bonds of the water molecules and soon to hopefully be proven the best way by Max Miller. Stans water fuel cell did not heat up the water at all which has been proven by several Stanley Meyer Replicators. This is one process where Stanley has been proven to be telling the truth.

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By Matt McMahon Cox Proulx

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Max Millers proof Meyers technology works

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Making hho with Meyers alternator

Sound connection to Meyers work

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