Stanley Meyer's BIG BOBBIN

What is very interesting in this practical solution?

1. Because here is no opposite-connected inductors, it is not necessary to "adjust accurately" the Resonant frequency. BIG BOBBIN not have "Resonant Scanning Circuit", not have "Pulce Pickup coil" like at VIC-Transformer. BIG BOBBIN work like standard "ATX Power supply Pulce Transformer" and only produse "Step-Charge effect".

2. It seems that gas production is better, when the Voltage on the cell is in "both directions" - starting with a "Negative voltage" and ends with a "Positive "voltage", like "Hysteresis Loop Figure"!!!
This effect Andrija Puharich named: "Rotation moment of the proton magnetic moment":
"This sets up a rotation moment of the proton magnetic moment which one can clearly see on the XY plot of an oscilloscope, as an hysteresis loop figure. However, it is noted that this hysteresis loop does not appear in the liquid water sample until all the parameters of the three components have been adjusted to the configuration which is the novel basis of this device. The hysteresis loop gives us a vivid portrayal of the nuclear magnetic relaxation cycle of the proton in water."

How to look a "Hysteresis Loop Figure":

My Circuit diagram:

Big Bobbin's connections:
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