Stanley Meyers Dry Tube Cell High Output hho

This is my NEW 3 Tube Dry HHO Cell. There are 3 outers, and 3 inner tubes. Outer is 1" Diameter, Inner is 3/4". Currently conditioning at 4.70 AMPS 11.5 Volts. The production is pretty high...I am guessing 1-1.5 LPM. I will do a video on the actual measurement soon.

I would recommend running it at no more than 5 amps as that drops the efficiency and adds heat.

Again, this is a prototype...but seems promising. I am hoping to add 6 more tube cells and install them on my vehicle. Once they are completed, I will hook them to my Resonance PWM Circuit and see what results I get.

Stay Tuned. Thanks for watching.
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