Starting The Big Red Corliss Steam Engine

HD 720p
The Big Red Corliss Steam Engine is one of the the stars of London's Science Museum. This cross compound mill engine, equipped with Corliss valve gear both on the high and low pressure side, drove up to 1700 power looms at the Finchley View Mill, Harle Syke near Burnley in Lancashire from 1903 to 1970. The looms got their power by a complicated line shafting system in each working hall of the mill.
The engine, System Taylor, was built for the mill in 1903 by Burnley Ironworks. The restoration and installation in the Science Museum was done in 1979 by Riley & Son Ltd, Lancashire (see the plaque in my video at 5:32). The engine does 700 hp at a high-steam pressure of 160 psi (11 bar). The expanded steam of the high pressure cylinder is used in the low pressure cylinder and afterwards in the condenser. From there the hot condensed water is pumped back into the boiler (and energy saved).
It was really interesting to see, how the engine is started and shut down and I want to say special thanks to the volunteers Mr. Cadby and Mr. Lincoln, who did support my filming in the best way.
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