Stirling engine generator charges 12-volt batteries, 4 watts!

I'm finally able to show in this video that my cheap little water bottle Stirling engine can charge 12-volt batteries! [Update: with a different generator and toothed belt the electrical output rose to a respectable 4 watts, double what's displayed in this video] This opens up a whole new world of applications for it, whether 12-volt lights, pumps, fans or even 120 volt devices by means of a small inverter. Keep in mind that the engine can run on whatever source of heat is sufficient to drive the engine, including wood, charcoal, alcohol, rice husks, solar energy, and so on.

Note how the current flow goes from negative to positive as the little electric motor changes from starter motor to generator, and then back after the flame is put out. You can also see the battery voltage drop initially until the generator kicks in and then it climbs steadily until the flame is put out and the speed drops. The batteries are two 12V 7AH sealed units from old UPS systems.

This has been a real milestone in the development of this engine and I'm pretty pleased about it. Very fun stuff!!
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