String Inverters, DC Optimizers & Micro Inverters | Comparison & Overview of 3 Grid Tie Inverters

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A quick comparison and overview of three types of grid tie inverters: a String Inverter by Fronius, a String Inverters with DC Optimizers by SolarEdge and a Micro Inverter by Enphase.

String inverters are used when wiring multiple solar panels in a series string to the inverter. Advantages include ease of install and tend to be the least expensive inverter option.

String Inverters with seperate DC Optimizers that are installed behind each solar panel, and connected by MC4 connectors, are then brought in strings of up to 5,250 watts down into the integrated DC Disconnect in the inverter. Advantages include individually managed solar panels and individual panel monitoring.

Micro Inverters connect to each panel and do all inverting at the panel level. Wire up to 17 micro inverters in series and then the cables will run down directly into the AC breaker box. Advantages include ease of install, panel level monitoring, panel level invertering, and it is very expandable.

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