Water is a crucial part of life, according to statistics, 97.5% of water is found in oceans and out of 2.5% freshwater only 1% is available for extraction and use. As Global populations are expected to exceed nine billion by 2050 demand for water will rapidly increase.[1] Today about 85% i.e.1.1 billion people lack access to improved water supply so, we need to find alternate, economical and efficient methods of wastewater treatment. The Fresnel lenses are a good and economical option for solar concentration and solar heating. Many parts of the world have an immense source of solar energy which provides a good platform to use Fresnel lens for wastewater treatment by converting it into steam and then further condensing it to get pure water marking all safe water parameters (pH, Dissolve Oxygen, Total Hardness etc.). We are earning carbon credits also as we are not burning anything. This project reviews the possibility of treating waste water using Fresnel lens, making it safe for drinking and reuse. As a future scope of study, we can generate small scale electricity using waste water by converting it to steam by Fresnel lens setup. Steam coming out of the turbine is recollected and condensed to get pure water, and sludge coming out can be composted and used as manures. As a result, without using electrical energy and chemicals we are able to treat waste water. Solar energy is the next generation fuel for smart, sustainable and healthy cities.” Made by:- Arsalan Obaidi, Naseem Khan Gourav Suthar (B.Tech- Civil)JKLU ,JAIPUR ) For details ,please visit
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