Successful 80Ah Battery Rejuvenation using Computer Fan Bedini Charger

Here I'm ranting about the battery rejuvenation process. It is pretty successful so far and in order to make it a viable commercial activity there are many aspects that need to be streamlined so as to require less time from me or a human supervisor.

Here are the things that need automating
1) Charging start
2) logging of charge progress
3) topping event detection
4) discharge logging and supervision

All of these can simply be accomplished by an appropriately programmed arduino board.

The Nissan battery I had sold and talked about in this video ended up giving up life after 3 months in the client's car. As said the car is a diesel Jeep and interestingly the owner said he drove to work 15-20 minutes every day and fro 10 weeks and then he took his family on vacation to the south of france (5-6hours drive). That went well but on when they wanted to come back there was no way they could keep a charge. so he had to let the engine run all the way back.

I did replace the Nissan battery with the original battery I took from his car and rejuvenated. It has now been over 3 months and haven' t heard from him.

Also my rejuvenation process include more serious capacity testing with a 6A and 3A load. And it had to show at least half of the nominal value from the battery. A new one will do that too.

If there is interest I'll explain the whole criteria I use for charging and discharging in another video.
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