Sun oven with do it yourself self powered solar tracker

I completed my solar oven tracker a couple of months ago but never tested it because of the winter weather. Even though today is not the perfect day, I was able to put the Sun oven on the tracker to see how well it turns. To prevent shading of the solar panels, I had to mount them forward of the turntable. An extension is made so the Sun oven back leg can sit and provide balance to the the tracker. The solar oven works fine but it's way cool with the solar tracker attached. The two solar panels are 5 watts each. One pair of the connections from the solar panel is connected to the geared motor the normal way and the connections from the second panel connected to the motor with polarity reversed. Matching the solar panels to the geared motor is critical in making this project a success. I used leftover parts from my other projects so the cost of the tracker is minimal. I have a playlist of videos that detailed the construction of this tracker. The original idea for this tracker I got from Youtuber Chuffchuffwoo. Click here for my video with the wiring diagram of the tracker:
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