Sunnytech®Hot Air Stirling Engine 4 Blue LED Education Toy Electricity Power Generator Fd03

I've been collecting small steam engines and Stirling engines for over 20 years, mainly as a hobby. Like all of SunnyTech's model engines, this particular Stirling Engine is beautifully crafted and it features a furniture grade wooden platform.

Once you light the lamp (I use off-the-shelf 91% alcohol), the air in the piston heats up and pushes the piston out. A second piston pushes cold air back into the cylinder and the cycle repeats over and over. In this model, there's an additional pulley that connects from the flywheel to a high quality electrical generator that has 4 blue LED lights inside of it. What I like about this model is that the generator itself is made of clear plastic, so you not only see the engine work, but you see the inside of the generator.

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