Suntask vacuum tube Solar collector heat pipe liquid filling and exhaust process

Suntask manufactures all kinds of evacuated tube solar water heaters, solar thermal collectors ,with CE, CCC and ISO9001 certified and our collectors are of the highest quality made in China today. So far European countries are mainly market,like GERMANY,POLAND,AUSTRIA etc.

Suntask had have four solar keymark certificates for SR(0.735),SCM-01(0.697),SCM-02(0.68) and SHC (0.683) series heat pipe collectors,And SRCC certificate for the SR series collecotrs,and SR series also have been SRCC certify in USA.

Especially for the SR series collectors which had attained the highest efficiency and best performance.

A9-H model CPC high pressure water heater has been EN12976 and solar keymark approval.

We could offer you products with your LOGO.

Price would be discuss according to the quantities and specifications.

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