Super Bright Fluorescent Joule Thief

NOTE:: the frequency noise is only picked up by the camera. it doesnt actually squeal like that audibly.

alot of people have made some cool portable fluoro lights on youtube but none of them were bright enough for me.
"boomerman2004" has made a great instructable on how to do this at http://s821.photobucket.com/albums/zz131/boomerman2004/Camera%20Circuits%20Lighting%20Up%20Flouresant%20Lights/Disposable%20camera%20project%20for%20lights/?action=view¤t=DisposableCameraProject.jpg¤ttag=disposable%20camera

i basically did the same thing and took cheap camera circuits and gutted them, but used 3.6 cell phone and cordless phone batteries as inputs. one of them is actually one of the battery cells that make up a laptop battery. each put out around 4v at good current. the problem is leaving the lights on for too long will burn out the transformer. i added a 25 ohm rheo on the green box so i can leave it on for however long i want, just at a low brightness.

i wasnt satisfied with the light a single AA puts out, and i like the rechargeability of these battery packs. they charge super fast and will last like almost forever in these circuits.

i will definitely be using these next time the power goes out. room to room portability is what makes it ideal.
u could also create an inverter for a car battery that will run much bigger fluoros during outages.

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