Sustainable motoring Hydrogen Generator kit for your vehicle. results in better gas mileage

Founder of Bob Volt, Founder of Transitional Technologies.


Hydrogen is the most abundant, clean burning, renewable fuel available, making up approximately 75% of the universe, and is the key to a future of sustainable motoring. Our Hydrogen Generators use just water and electricity to create hydrogen-oxygen gases (known as HHO gas), which are filtered and injected into the air intake of a vehicle. These gases then mix and burn along with the gasoline or diesel fuel inside the engine, acting as a "combustion catalyst", (increasing the efficiency of the engine); resulting in better mileage (average 20-50% increase), more responsive throttle, and reduced emissions. For less than a couple of car payments, you can convert your car into an eco-friendly, gas-sipping hybrid that uses clean burning hydrogen made from water,
Our HHO kits electrolyze the hydrogen and oxygen atoms directly out of the water, without separating them, creating a unique and energetic form of gas containing H, O, H2, O2, and even H2O. The gas is filtered, then injected into the air intake of the vehicle, where it mixes along with the air and gasoline (petrol) or diesel fuel of the car. The hydrogen-oxygen gases blend with the normal l fuel inside the engine, and upon combustion, rapidly ignite acting as a "combustion catalyst" , making the fuel burn faster, more thoroughly, and much cleaner. The HHO gas upon exploding, simply reverts back into water in microseconds, which then turns into superheated steam, cleaning the inside of the engine of carbon deposits and sludge. Since the gas causes the existing fuel to burn faster and more complete, there is LESS waste, and the energy is extracted where it matters most- inside the engine. This is why it results in extra mileage, better engine response, and lower emissions- by increasing combustion efficiencies. Remember that todays engines, with all the engineering advances, are still only about 18-21% efficient (depending on who you talk to), so just increasing the combustion efficiency a few percent makes a HUGE difference in mileage and emissions, and is why we see the results Without violating any Laws of Thermodynamics in the process (sorry guys - there is no free energy in what we are doing - just good physics).
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