System Spotlight: Bunker Based Lithium Iron Solar Battery

This video takes you into a special bunker that houses equipment for a grid-tied battery backup solar system. The design features an Iron Edison Lithium Iron (LiFePO4) battery (2800Ah 52V) with 116.5 kWh of backup power at 80% depth of discharge (DOD). The Lithium Iron battery can last 20+ years when used as grid backup. However, the battery can also be cycled daily, supplementing grid usage and reducing carbon footprint. In this scenario, discharging the battery to 50% is recommended for maximum cycle life (around 5,000 cycles, or 14 years). Iron Edison will help you program the system to achieve whatever scenario you desire – grid backup or grid zero.

The battery is charged from a roof-mounted solar PV array through a pair of Schneider Electric charge controllers (Conext MPPT 600V 80A). These high-voltage charge controllers can also be used to retrofit a grid-tied PV system into a battery-based system.

Battery and solar power is inverted to AC through a trio of Schneider Electric inverters (Conext XW+ 6848). These inverters’ output is paralleled to achieve 20.4 kW of power to the home’s loads.

For this application, the Iron Edison Lithium Iron battery was divided into eight trays for easier installation in the underground bunker. Iron Edison can develop a custom enclosure or racking solution for whatever space a customer has. Iron Edison’s line of 180Ah-1000Ah Lithium Iron batteries come standard in a rugged steel enclosure with lid.

Our team of system designers can help you figure out what size battery and solar PV system would meet your needs. Call us at 720-432-6433 or email info@IronEdison.com. Visit IronEdison.com for more information.


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