Tensor Field Generator

Four Inch Copper Wound Sphere, Made up of Four Individual Tensor Rings
Produces a Sphere of Influence 1 1/2 + Miles Away
Half Cubit Generator is Collapsible for use as an Energy Cuffling- An Energy Worker/Healers Best Friend!!

Applications: Comfort and Protection
Remediates the Harmful Effects of Electro Magnetic Field Pollution, Including:
o Cell Phone Radiation
o Electrical Distribution Systems
o Computers, Appliances, Lights, Radio Signals,
o And Other Electromagnetic Radiation Polluters
o Harmful Energies Produced by Geopathic Stress Lines
Dispels Negative Energies
Energy Purifier and Balancer

Applications: Garden
Enhance Plant Growth and Vitality
Often Credited With Bringing a Lackluster Garden Back to Life
Has Been Known to Return Ailing Trees to Perfect Health
Amplifies and Balances a Gardener's Co-Creative Intentions
Use, With Intention, to Keep Unwanted Guests From Invading Your Garden
These Structures are Believed to Bring Positive Energy Into the Garden
1940's Agricultural Geneticist Dr. Derald Langham Discovered This Representation of the 8-Cell Stage of Development- Which is Identical in All Living Organisms

Applications: Other
It is an Amplifier of Energy ~ A Protector ~ A Provider
Can be Programmed for Any Kind of Manifestation in One's Life
Amplifies Intentions
Helps to Align the Physical Body with the Spiritual Body
Placing an Object Inside the Structure Amplifies It's Vibratory Energy
Meditate with it to Increase Intuitive Abilities
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