Tesla-switch part 7

Part 6 again, but with variations on the battery as a continuation on my "Charge two capacitors"-video. In this video I'm using 4 12V batteries, pairing them as two 24V batteries. In ex. 1 the two 24V batteries are in series, in ex. 2 in parallel and in ex. 3 the 24V batteries are driving in parallel and charged in serial by the use of three diodes. By calculating the area between the signal and the x-axis and dividing the drive-area with the charge-area I get a rough measurement on the recovery from the coil. If my calculations are correct, the serial variant gives 37.2% back, the parallel gives 42.6% back and the serial/parallel variant with the diodes gives 58.8% back. This is actually the Tesla-switch in reverse, but as mr. Bedini says: "do it backwards" ;-)
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