Tesla Switch (Simplified 1-Battery, 2 Cap)

This is a 1 Battery Tesla Switch in it's most basic rendition. It shuttles power back and forth between capacitors being charged in parallel and then discharging them in series back to the battery.

So far no matter how long it seems that I keep this type of switching up the battery remains exactly at the same voltage level.

I believe whatever the power discharging out of the battery is, the exact same power is returned to the battery, so it is circulating the energy at 100%, ideally, this of course doesn't include the minuscule resistive losses of the wires, etc..

I am running an inductive load (Coil) and also sending the collapsing field back to charge the battery as well.

It likes the largest possible load and does the best under a full load up to a complete short circuit, which can be a simple wire, coil that wire up and now you have a magnetic field essentially for free.

A motor can be used as a load as well and can be completely stalled and will not interfere with the energy shuttling back and forth between the battery and capacitors. By loading down the motor a complete short circuit is formed.

Virtually any load can be used and will not use up nor consume the battery.

It should anger you that you have to pay for electricity or any other form of power just to destroy it because of the lack of understanding of electricity and what can be done with it.

A hundred years of electrical indoctrination is long enough. Don't you think it's time to rethink current electrical teachings?

I am going to get rid of the alligator clip wires and shorten the connections to make it a little bit nicer and more compact to continue experimentation.

I am also going to raise the voltage level so that more power flows back and forth within the circuit.
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