Tesla turbine generator testing at 1.89 gear reduction

Testing to determine the best ration between the generator and the Tesla turbine. Here we are using a 19 tooth to a 36 tooth ratio giving us 1.89 reduction from Tesla to the generator. This turns out to be too slow. We will increase the reduction to 3.0 and see if we can boost the efficiency and amperage while reducing the overall steam usage. The Tesla needs to spin faster for greater efficiency. During this test the generator is at 1800 and the Tesla is at 3400. This is below the resonance frequency of 4550 that we are trying to avoid. Next we will gear for 1800 on the generator and 5400 on the Tesla, thus avoiding the undesirable 4550 frequency band. 240 volt amperage readings are directly grid tied during this study and produced approximately 3200 watts.
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