Testing DIY Savonius Wind Generator / Turbine

First windy day since completion of mechanical side of things (not electrical) so I thought I would test my homemade rotor. Still need to paint it before leaving it outside 24/7. Made from 8 inch galvanized stove/flue pipe which is a little over 3 foot tall. Cheap pine for the wooden bits and 1 inch hollow square aluminum tubing for the top brace. The top brace has too much flex as you can see in this video so i will have to use something different or different design to minimize top brace movement. Also I should of used round end plates instead of rectangles. Threaded rod used for shafts on either side directly bolted to end plate. No central shaft ruining air flow through the overlap in the rotor. Overlap was 24.2% diameter of stove pipe. Running on skateboard bearings housed in you guessed it skateboard wheels!

I now need to attempt the electrical generation side. Initially I will use an AC stepper motor directly coupled to the shaft. I have a few sizes I've collected to practically experiment with seeing I've never done this stuff before. I'm also collecting hard drive magnets so that I can build a dual rotor axial-flux, air-core 3 phase alternator but don't have enough magnets yet. I want to try to trickle charge a 12volt battery so I will need to rectify the AC into DC using bridge rectifiers and am aiming to make say 14 volt to reach cut in for charging. I live in a city so I can't build anything big so this is really an experiment/proof of concept. Would like to get a bike computer setup on it and see what RPM this thing does. With a generator attached I don't think it will reach the RPMs shown in this vid.

Banging noise in video is not the generator. Was a neighbor DIYing nearby.

Will post a follow video once the electrical side of things is completed.
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