Testing Unit for Flashback arrestors PVGD

Flashback arrestors have to be tested for gas non-return, for thightness and for gas flow by a qualified and authorised person every year depending on the country specific regulations. Without changing of the position, flow rate comparison checks can be made. Additionally, the function of the pressure-sensitive valve can be checked. This equipment allows flow rates to be measured as well as testing the function of the pressure sensitive valve.

After having tested the gas non-return valve and the gas tightness e.g. with a leak detection spray, the flow rate comparison can be made without repositioning the test sample. Additionally, the function of the pressure-sensitive cut-off valve can be checked flashback arrestor types DS1000, DS2000. Special adapters are available for flashback arrestors with off-set connection or larger diameters.
Flashbacks and dirt particles can lead to the flame arrestor becoming clogged with the times resulting in a decrease of flow rate. Furthermore, smallest contamination particles that pass the inlet filter can impair the function of the gas non-return valve.
Over the life cycle of a safety device, the fine-pored flame arrestor that is included can become clogged owing to contaminated gas or gas lines for example what can lead to a reduction of the flow rate of the safety device. This could be one possible reason for a flashback. By means of the testing unit PV-GD, a flashback arrestor can be tested for sufficient gas flow.
The PV-GD testing unit is suitable for testing flashback arrestors for fuel gases such as Acetylene, Propane, natural gas and Hydrogen, Oxygen and compressed air.
The flashback resistance however i.e. the function of the flame arrestor cannot be tested with the PV-GD test unit. This test can only be carried out by the manufacturer of the flashback arrestor.
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