Texas support 100% solar power energy. Stop nukes.

Ask what you can do for yourself
by buying 10 solar panels, you can start your own energy company.
Then buy one more panel each month and grow you company.

Solar is now creating more jobs per month than any other industry.
Let's get with the program.
Buy solar panels.
Install solar on every house in Texas.
We can push big oil out of our lives and soil.

Investors & Homeowners deserve to be paid a fair & reasonable
price for solar energy they harvest & feed into the grid.

They paid for the solar panels, the labor & supply the cleanest, safest energy into our grids.
They should be paid by the utilities, PG&E, twice the rate at which the utilities sell energy, because of the social benefit of solar.

Why settle for zero?
We won't settle for net zero.
We demand to be paid .40 cents kWh for solar energy
we feed onto the grid.

Nuclear is the most costly form of energy, yet nuclear, oil & coal has received $$ Billions in actual tax dollars, over the last 60+ years.
There is no level playing field when we compare nuclear, oil, gas & coal to solar.

Anyone who is investing in nuclear, oil, natural gas or coal today is going to lose their investment.
No insurance company will insure nuclear, because it is so unsafe.

The changes we need must happen in the next three decades as we approach three critical limits.
First, the finite reserves of non-renewable's (fossil fuels and uranium). Second, increasing demand for energy.
Third, increasingly destructive impacts from global warming.
Combined these threats pose the greatest challenge ever faced by society.
Our children's future depends on our rapid move to 100% solar & renewable energy everywhere.

Economically, socially and scientifically the only way to avoid disaster is a global switch to 100% renewable energy.
Only this can realistically address the challenge.
No other option can be implemented as fast.
Only with renewable energy is the reserve and growing demand problem resolved, and yes sufficient free supply is available, with more than 1000 times more renewable energy reaching earth from the sun
(and available equitably and locally everywhere in the form of solar, geothermal, biomass and wind).
By rapidly reducing and eventually eliminating the emission of carbon, global warming can be averted with many economic, social and political benefits.

The secret ingredient for making this transition to sustainable renewable energy is a simple idea.
Copy the lead of Germany and implement fully a
Renewable Energy Act that has the following requirements:

Guaranteed access to the grid
Guaranteed long term price
No limit

With these three simple laws all countries can follow the lead of Germany and make the switch to 100% renewable energy in the next ten years.
Germany has implemented more than 30,000 MW of new renewable energy in the past two decades using older technology.
Now, with the latest technology, a country like Canada, specifically Ontario for instance, could easily implement 20,000 MW of wind power in the next five years.
Combined with the existing hydro power this would make Ontario 100% powered by renewable energy.
Where is the problem?
The problem is only in the mind.
Technically, economically and realistically the fastest, most beneficial way for Ontario to beat the economic down turn and prevent global warming is to switch to 100% renewable energy in the next five years.

Using non-polluting, equitably available renewable energy we can then maintain economic, social, political and individual autonomy.
Peace, freedom and happiness can be ours in a world that not need
war over energy resources.
That is the ultimate hope for a change envisioned by this documentary.
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