"The Acosta" - Copper Coil Alcohol Stove - Boil Test (Sorta)

Last week I did my first flame test with the "The Acosta", an Copper Coil Alcohol Stove I bought on ebay. The flame test didn't go so well because it only lasted about eight minutes before the flame went out. After taking the burner apart and finding that nothing seemed to be wrong with it, I thought maybe the problem could have been me.

The flame test was done without the windscreen/pot stand and without a pot and I think maybe this cause the the flame to go out because the burner ran cold because the was no thermal feedback. Without the windscreen and a pot to reflect the heat back on the burner it didn't have enough heat to keep it going longer than eight minutes.

So this time I'm doing a boil test like I should have done in the first place. I will modify the pot stand with some cross wires so a smaller pot can be used in the test.

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Unboxing my new Copper Coil Alcohol Stove - The Acosta
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Title: "The Acosta" - Copper Coil Alcohol Stove - Boil Test (Sorta)
Room temp: 82° (27.7°C)
Humidity: 73%
Weather condition: Raining
Burner: "The Acosta" - Copper Coil Alcohol Stove
Stove/Pot stand: Pot stand that came with "The Acosta" - Copper Coil Alcohol Stove
Pot: aluminum pot 6.25" diameter 3.25" height
Fuel: methanol
Amount of fuel: NA
Amount of water: 4 cup(s)
Water temp at start: 76°
Time to boil: 12 minute(s) 56 second(s)
Time to run-out: 41 minute(s) 48 second(s)

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