The Air Turbine Engine, Implosive technology, Schauberger

The “Crystal Ion”, an Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine (AATE), is a redesigned prototype from an air engine invented by Haskall Karl in the 1960’s. The original engine was tested by Wyle Testing Laboratory and scheduled to be shown to President Kennedy at a special meeting. Before this presentation could take place, the people who worked with Mr. Karl on the engine mysteriously disappeared. Shortly thereafter, the engine also disappeared. Haskall Karl went into hiding, keeping with him the documents, original drawings, and numerous photos of how he built the engine.

Viktor Schauberger first discovered the principle of the Vortex and developed technology for moving water more efficiently. The same principle can be applied to airflow. A tornado is created in the engine that implodes on itself which actually speeds up and sustains the airflow back into the tornado.

The first impeller moves freely, where as the second propeller is fixed to the same shaft within a central cylinder. As the propeller rotates it centrifugally throws air laterally into the outer cylinder, and as it passes the intake of the first cylinder the implosive effect accelerates rotation.

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