The Easiest Homemade "HHO Torch Never gets HOT but still melts glass.

Things you will need to make your torch
1...fine brass wool
2... welding tip 0.25 to 0.35 works best.
3... Small plastic hose that the cutting tip will fit tight into making airtight seal.
4... Small bucket of water.
5... Some wire to help stand torch in bucket, this is the easiest way to adjust your torch to the proper height and depth of the water in your bucket.
6...First take some Brass wool and stick some in the inlet of the cutting tip " Not to hard"this will help flashbacks then stick some brass wool in the end of the small hose, do this by bending the hose 2" from the end at 90* and then proceed to pack most of that with Brass wool, leaving just enough room to push the cutting tip almost half way in. Make sure the tip is pressed firmly up against the Brass wool.
7... Put your torch in the water filled bucket making sure the cutting tip is just touching the water and is covering your plastic hose.

Note.... You can make this torch without the Brass wool, But Only if you have other spark arresters inline befor your bubbler!!!
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